Regenerative Economy Forum:

Accelerating economic evolution to regenerate people & planet

Global Action Platform & Alliance

The Regenerative Economy Forum is a global Action Platform that curates inspired and yet pragmatic visions and solutions of how to accelerate the full integration of economic development and business success with the systemic regeneration of nature, people and societies – what we call ‘Regenerative Value Creation.’

The Regenerative Economy Forum is also an alliance of committed business owners and leaders, investors, regeneration experts, policy makers and other economic stakeholders who individually and together mainstream this new Regenerative Market Economy that serves all.

Action Initiatives

Please join the Regenerative Economy Forum’s Action Initiatives or propose additional ones. They implement our visions for regenerative economies and societies into concrete realities. Each Action Initiative develops its own Action Agenda, including concrete deliverables and its specific constellation of multi-stakeholder partnerships, innovation labs, roundtables, public events, policy presentations and media products. Read Action Initiative Overview ->


Regenerative Economy Events

Over the past decades of organizing action-oriented leadership events around the world, we learned to integrate cutting-edge information and lively inspiration, deep reflection and inquiry with outcome-oriented dialogue and co-innovation to advance concrete action on the ground. When possible, we hold events in pristine nature and among diverse cultures that stimulate and welcome our full humanity.


Regenerative Media

To scale the widespread implementation of our Regenerative Economy Forum Visions and Action Initiatives, we are producing written and audio-visual media products that range from white papers to a TV series and reality show that highlights contributions of the Global South to developing Regenerative Companies and Economies.