Regenerative Economy Forum Vision

We need to co-create an economy that helps to regenerate all interconnected systems of nature and its biodiversity, including humans and our societies. Only when we return severely degraded & highly interactive systems to health can they assure our survival and become the foundation on which we sustainably thrive as people and societies, economies and companies.

Call to Action: Pope Francis told his team members, with whom we work closely: We have talked enough about Laudato Si and the SDGs. Now we need ‘Concretezza’ – Concrete Action. His urgent call echoes those of scientists and other global leaders.

The Regenerative Economy Forum is our answer. It is a global Action Platform and a ‘big tent’ that supports us to leverage the important innovations and action of many leaders, organizations and alliances. If we want to become the new economic mainstream – as we must so that people, other species and nature can survive and thrive – we need to gather critical mass. Julius Caesars’ motto was ‘divide and conquer.’ Let ours be ‘unite to co-create.’

Vision for a Regenerative Market Economy: To provide us with a bright North Star for strategy and action, we invite business owners and leaders, investors and other hands-on practitioners from around the world to complement the contributions of experts, academics and policy makers to formulate their uncompromising visions for truly regenerative economies that fully integrate economic success with the regeneration of people and nature.

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