Action Initiatives: Regenerative Work & Leadership

Regenerative Work: Building on prior initiatives hosted by the Vatican and other institutions, we develop regenerative solutions to challenges ranging from high tech impact on employment to implementing human rights and living wage, diversity and equity, working with purpose and opportunities to co-create positive impact.

Regenerative Ownership and Purpose: We work with business families, private and public investors around the world to discover the growing opportunities to integrate living their purpose and values with creating significant business and investment value, because it helps to regenerate both planet & people.

Regenerative Business Education: Based on decades of experience with developing academic and executive education programs, we support business schools to rethink business education in alignment with Regenerative Value Creation and B Corp business to empower regenerative success in business, economy and society.

Regenerative Leadership Development: Together with companies and other institutions, we design and deliver leadership programs that strengthen individual and team development integrated with innovation and the implementation of regenerative business models throughout all corporate functions.

Mindful Action as a Path (MAP): Around the world, wisdom traditions and contemporary hands-on practitioners use action as a more or less conscious and systematic path to serve the world and to develop their human potential in mutually reinforcing ways. We offer mindfulness and other practices to reinforce the impact of action to serve and develop.


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