Regenerative Media: TV & Publications

TV Series and Reality Show on Regenerative Business, Investment and Economy in the Global South, co-developed with one of Brazil’s most Emmy-awarded production companies, supported by a regenerative action game and an e-learning platform.

Vatican Policy Briefings: Continue to create regenerative economy briefing papers for the Vatican COVID-19 Commission. Expand this to other faith and secular institutions, including for governments and U.N. Summits to spread inspiration backed by data and concrete examples.

White Papers, Reports, Books and Multimedia based on our Action Initiatives, such as the one we started in support of the UN Food Systems Summit on regenerative agriculture that showcases the most productive and regenerative agriculture applications from around the world.

Laudato Sí and Fratelli Tutti: Translate into hands-on business language the deeply inspirational writings of Pope Francis. Create an e-book that goes beyond inspiration to the ‘HOW’ of concrete action and impact with concrete examples, data and approaches.

Create similar publications for other faiths and inspired action communities that integrate the HOW of concrete action with their inspiration, for example Doing Business with Compassion and Gross National Happiness for Buddhist business leaders.

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