Action Initiatives: Regenerative Market Economy & Business

Scaling the B(enefit) Corporation Movement that was co-founded in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia by NOW’s partners. 14,000 companies globally are benefit corporations by law, 4,000 by B Corp certification, which is used alongside the SDG Action Manager by 150,000 businesses in 77 countries.

Regenerative Recovery Finance and Global South Debt: How to direct massive recovery funding and global lending to regenerate nature, communities and economies and solve pressing climate, environmental and human challenges? Regeneration-oriented companies and other experts have to contribute to finding solutions.

Financing Large-scale Decarbonization: We co-developed an approach to financing, technically and practically facilitating the decarbonization of international supply chains, licensee communities and other large scale business ecosystems towards the regeneration of climate, natural and social systems.

Regenerative Supply Chains: With innovative, regeneration-oriented multinational corporations, we are developing a Regenerative Supply Chain Innovation Lab that replaces colonial supply chain models with resilient value creation ecosystems, empowered by technology and real partnerships.

Measure What We Treasure: Synergistically integrating the best measurement systems to support evaluation and decision making in business, investment and policy making that integrates business success and economic development with the regeneration of people and planet.

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