Regenerating Natural & Social Systems

Amazon & other ecosystems: We collaborate with initiatives that protect and regenerate crucial ecosystems via policy and education, impact investment and regenerative business initiatives that also create regenerative value for the people whose livelihood depends on these habitats.

Regenerative Agriculture, in its best applications, is more productive than chemical-base industrial farming. It can regenerate degenerated soil and water, sequester massive amounts of carbon, and protect biodiversity and local economies. We support knowledge exchange and large-scale implementation with some of the best global practitioners and experts.

End Pandemics Campaign aims to prevent future pandemics by eradicating the root causes of Covid-19 and the prior five pandemics, including HIV and Ebola. These solutions support biodiversity, climate and economic development. Our work in Thailand contributed to systematic implementation that is now being considered by ASEAN and will be presented to world leaders at the upcoming G20. -> Read more about the End Pandemics Action Initiative.

Equitable Access to Healthcare: The Covid vaccination crisis highlights once more the crucial need for fair access to healthcare around the world as a central aspect of human dignity, socio-economic system resilience as well as regenerative business relevant market expansion. We collaborate with institutions like the United Nations, Philips and Yunus Pharma to create solutions.

‘Impact!Africa’ created by Africans for Africans: We help to convene a partnership of major African institutions and leaders that will raise 100 million US Dollars to support with finance, technology and leadership for the ‘Missing Middle:’ youth- & women- owned micro, small & medium sized social and business entrepreneurs to create jobs and support the regeneration of society and nature throughout Africa. -> Read more about the Impact!Africa Action Initiative

Center for Regeneration of Individuals, Communities & Ecosystems: Sinal do Vale is a Center for the Regeneration of Individuals, Communities and Ecosystems located on 200 hectares of land in the buffer zone between the urban sprawl of Rio de Janeiro, and one of the last remaining protected areas of the Atlantic Rainforest. We prototype and teach solutions that regenerate forests, soils, and food systems that can be replicated and scaled in this critical region. SINAL is an Advanced Post of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves and 1 of 17 certified Global Ecosphere Retreats by the Long Run Initiative in the world. -> Read more about the Sinal do Vale Action Initiative

Atlantic Forest protection through stakeholder engagement and large-scale public policy mobilization. Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica is a Brazilian environmental NGO created in 1986 to inspire society in the defense of Brazil’s most threatened forest. It acts to promote public policies that support the conservation of the Atlantic Forest through the monitoring of the biome, scientific studies, projects, dialogue with public and private sectors, improvement of environmental legislation, communication and engagement of society. SOS Mata Atlântica focuses on forest restoration, clean water and protected areas.

-> Learn about Pope Francis & other Inspiration Sources Action Initiatives.