Roundtables Overview

Birthing the Regenerative Economy Forum

In 2020 and 2021, we convened a series of Laudato Sí Roundtables with 150 leaders from all continents, including CEOs and business owners, impact investors and sustainable bankers, regeneration experts and heads of universities, policy makers and leaders of multilateral institutions, such as the head of UNDP.

We co-hosted these Roundtables together with the leaders of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development that Pope Francis founded to translate his urgent teachings into concrete action in matters of society, ecology and economy. Also involved were the leaders of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences that includes 300 Nobel Laureates and addressed climate challenges over 30 years ago and now focuses also on modern day slavery.

Many participants reported that these Roundtables led to deep inspirations and reflections, which were followed up by concrete actions in their own organizations as well as to the birth of the Regenerative Economy Forum.

The Roundtables also served to advance several of our Action Initiatives to resolve the root causes of pandemics; to empower youth and female entrepreneurs in Africa, to advancing regenerative value creation in business and agriculture; to regenerate Amazonia and other wild areas by creating sustainable local economies; and to inspire regenerative education.  For more details, please see the Action Initiative section of the website.

Learning from the Global South: An important aspect of these Roundtables was also to learn from outstanding leaders from Africa, Asia and the Americas to inspire reflection, policy and action in the global South and North. Too often, these voices are lacking when we try to find solutions that then unsurprisingly don’t work.

How does meaningful and innovation-oriented dialog inform concrete action, and vice versa? We all have experienced human interactions that become highly co-creative and impactful. How does that happen? How can we integrate the speed and rationality of modern life with the mindful inquiry approach of Socrates and the wisdom of indigenous council held in nature? How do Jesus’s words apply: when two or more of you are gathered in my name, I will be among you? Let’s discover together how we can make the extraordinary our normal way of interaction to live regeneration in our relationships as well as in business and economy.

Roundtable Outcomes:

  • Syntheses of challenges, opportunities and best practices
  • Follow up engagement in joint and individual action initiatives.
  • Collaboration with system institutions, including UN, EU, religious communities, Club of Rome.
  • Publications, audio-visual podcasts, and other media projects.


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