Regenerative Leadership Programs

Like for some of the world’s leading companies and universities, United for Regeneration, supported by its experienced NOW and other partners, will begin in 2022 to offer programs that strengthen the capacities to fully integrate business leadership and economic success with the regeneration of people and planet.

Leadership is becoming ever more complex and challenging. We must still master the old paradigm while also succeeding in the new paradigm, in which we thrive by also relating and acting from our full humanity. Our programs enter into this complexity to support the integration of professional and personal leadership development that empowers both pragmatic transition and visionary transformation. 

We focus on science-based targets, new technologies, management tools, business models, value and supply chains, finance mechanisms and economic policies. They are part of the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘HOW’ of Regenerative Value Creation for a Regenerative Market Economy. But as experienced practitioners, we also know that often the greatest challenge lies in the more personal ‘HOW’: within ourselves and between each other, within and among organizations, among multiple stakeholders and diverse cultures.

In these programs, and within our global peer community we want to support each other to live our individual and collective purpose and renewal in alignment with the world’s overall need for regeneration that can more or less subtly exclude us as we narrowly focus on concrete outcomes. This is also why we integrate deep immersion in nature and diverse cultures with meeting some of the world’s most innovative leaders who are working at the cutting edge of the Regenerative Market Economy.

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