United for Regeneration:
First Latin American Roundtable towards a Regenerative Economy

The purpose of this roundtable includes different objectives:

  • Hear innovative and impactful economic voices from the Global South to inspire global exploration of how we transition from our various crises to regenerative solutions.
  • Introduce a meta-perspective of co-creating a vision for Regenerative Market Economies and how concrete actions today and tomorrow demonstrate their viability.
  • Present specific Action Initiatives that help develop our vision and translate it into concrete results. Invite you to join these or other existing initiatives and propose additional ones.
  • Highlight how the various Action Initiatives reinforce each other to regenerate natural and human ecosystems, thus integrating the effectiveness of the approach with the fact of interdependence.
  • Use input from meeting participants to develop multimedia products that inform and inspire others and to join us in community and action.

Regenerative Resources

  1. Highlights from the first Latin American Roundtable towards a Regenerative Economy

    Top business leaders from around Latin America came together with members of the Vatican COVID-19 Commission to explore visions for a Regenerative Economy. Read their key statements here.

  2. United for Regeneration: Primera Mesa Redonda Latinoamericana Hacia la Regeneración Económica​

    El propósito de esta mesa redonda incluye distintos objetivos: Escuchar voces económicas innovadoras e impactantes del Sur Global para inspirar la exploración global de cómo hacemos la transición de nuestras diversas crisis hacia soluciones regenerativas.