Action Initiatives Overview

Each Regenerative Economy Forum Action Initiative develops its own Action Agenda, including concrete deliverables and its specific constellation of multi-stakeholder partnerships, innovation labs, roundtables, public events, policy presentations and media products inspire and collaborate with decision makers and the wider public.

Here are several examples out of the Regenerative Economy Forum’s growing number of Action Initiatives. We invite you to join them or to propose additional ones that help to drive real change towards regeneration.

Innovation Labs for Regenerative Business: With diverse experts and senior managers from leading regeneration-oriented companies we are developing Innovation Labs to address challenges and opportunities within and across industries. They range from how to reduce carbon and material footprints and how to engage value-oriented clients and transform supply chains to creating forward-looking decision-making tools that integrate positive impact measurements with financial budgeting to support better Regenerative Value Creation decisions.

The Transforming Agriculture Action Initiative was founded out of our contributions to the U.N. Food Systems Summit. It includes experts and farmers who demonstrate, on all continents and diverse scales, that diverse methods of agriculture are so productive and regenerative that they can provide humanity with enough healthy food, restore soil and water, sequester vast amounts of carbon, strengthen biodiversity and farming incomes, thus strengthening local communities and diminishing migration pressure. It is one of humanity’s best regeneration opportunities that so far is too little known and applied.

The End Pandemics Action Initiative addresses the root causes of COVID-19 and the prior five pandemics that have cost millions of lives and trillions of US dollars, which are needed to regenerate the world. It is a coalition of 80 civil society and research organizations, responsible business leaders, investors, policy makers and multilateral institutions. End Pandemics had significant impact on legislation and implementation in Thailand and is making good progress across ASEAN. After extensive consultations, we are proposing a concrete action agenda for adoption by the UN, G7, G20 and individual countries.

The Impact!Africa Action Initiative is raising 100 million US Dollars to empower millions of African youth and women entrepreneurs with finance, capacity building and networking. In collaboration with the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and other partners, including the African Union, the African Development Bank, the British Council, leading companies and banks, educational institutions, civil society leaders and social entrepreneurs, we are co-hosting outcome-oriented Roundtables and Summits to convince the presidents of several African nations to help pilot this work.

Mutually-reinforcing Impact: While each Action Initiative has a clear focus and specific deliverables, they are also mutually reinforcing because all of life’s challenges and opportunities are systemically interconnected. Some Action Initiatives, therefore, have an overarching integration and platform purpose. Here are three examples:

The Regenerative Market Economies Vision Action Initiative will integrate the findings of all of our Action Initiatives with third party sources to formulate an integral vision from which to back-cast in support of short- and long-term strategies and action. The Vision will be enhanced and adapted in an ongoing process and published on our website and other media formats.

The Vatican’s Laudato Sí Action Platform with whom we collaborate closely will host many activities that translate Pope Francis’s deeply inspired Laudato Sí and Fratelli Tutti encyclicals into action. We will help to strengthen the Platform and contribute the relevant work of our Action Initiatives, including co-creating events and media products.

The Vatican COVID-19 Commission advises Pope Francis and other Vatican leaders on systemic challenges and opportunities, including on One Health, Regenerative Finance and Global South Debt Relief and tother economy and business, public policy and communications. Several of our leaders were invited to join the Commission in 2019, and we helped to generate briefings for the G7, the G20 and UN Summits, co-authored white papers and co-created a series of events with 200 senior business leaders, investors and bankers, as well as other stakeholders.

We invite you to join our Action Initiatives and to propose new ones that you want to co-create with us, or that you would like us to join to strengthen them.  Our current Action Initiatives are briefly described on the following pages. Further details are available upon request at info at now dot partners.

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